Lunar New Year 2023: Let's Check What's Fun in Chinatown, NYC

What can you do in Chinatown? We have gathered some ideas for you in Chinatown, New York. This year, don't miss the parade!

Lunar New Year 2023: Let's Check What's Fun in Chinatown, NYC
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What to do in Chinatown, NYC

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If you're looking for the top activities to partake in Chinatown, NYC, you've come to the right place! NYC is filled with culture and diversity, particularly in an active area like this downtown district. Here are some fun activities to do in Chinatown, NYC that you won't want to miss out on!

Chinese New Year Parade

Chinese New Year
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On February 12, 2023, don't miss the return of Chinatown’s annual Lunar New Year Parade! There will be so much to enjoy, from dragon dancing, to martial art performances, and stunning costumes. After you've partaken in the festive firecracker dancing, explore some of the best karaoke in Chinatown and try some of the delicious Chinese restaurants. Make sure you save the date – this is definitely one of the top events in New York City for February!

Where is the Chinese New Year Parade?

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This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Lunar New Year Parade, which begins at 1 p.m. and travels through Mott and Canal Streets, Chatham Square, East Broadway, the Manhattan Bridge, Eldridge and Forsyth Streets, and finally Grand Street near Sara D. Roosevelt Park. 2023 is the year of the Rabbit - don't miss out on this exciting neighborhood shindig!

Deluxe Food Market

Central Market of Valencia
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This market, stretching across an entire block, is filled with Chinese staples: roasted ducks glistening with lacquer in the butcher shop; an abundance of egg tarts in the bakery; and prepared food stands with dishes like shredded pig's ear, stewed tendon, and beef tongue to be paid for by weight.

Lung Moon

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Tak Law, a native of Hong Kong, operates a bakery that serves moon cakes year-round. These Chinese pastries are traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival and are made with a dense lotus-seed paste center that gives them a nutty flavor. Additionally, a cooked duck egg yolk is added for a salty contrast, and when cut in half it resembles a moon.

Magic Jewelry

Ocean photos on a wall
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This Chinatown occult shop utilizes the capabilities of mysticism and the digital age with a special camera and handheld energy reader to take phantasmagoric, personalized aura photographs for individuals who wish to understand the energy they contain and the vibes they emit.


People walking around a Museum
Photo by Amy-Leigh Barnard / Unsplash

This truly hidden museum has been displaying the seemingly ordinary as extraordinary in an abandoned Tribeca elevator shaft since 2012. It features oddities and quirky objects like a collection of cornflakes and "not bombs" on brightly lit shelves. The exhibits are eclectic, leaving visitors with questions regarding their relationship to objects and to the nature of art.

Michiyo Art Studio

Art studio with wall graffiti
Photo by Matthieu Comoy / Unsplash

At the New York Academy of Art, Michiyo provides weeklong courses for those wishing to take watercolor painting seriously. For $425, you can truly become a "starving artist" and learn the basics.

Gift Shops

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Before departing, be sure to pay a visit to one of New York City's best gift shops for some hand-painted pots and adorable baby bok choy pins.

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