Must-gets High-End Brands while in Paris

You should put Paris on your bucket list! It would be preferable if you could obtain the Hign-End brands that originated in Paris!

Must-gets High-End Brands while in Paris
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Many of the luxury brands you think of when you go shopping in Paris are much cheaper in Paris than they are in Asia Pacific. If there's a brand you have a soft spot for, go to its flagship store. The comfortable shopping environment will provide you with the best shopping experience.

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1. Hermès

Tactfully adjusted to bring out the details of the aluminium pillars
Mainly influenced by bamboo scaffolding commonly seen here in 🇭🇰. These copper coloured anodised aluminium pillars stacks above the pre-existing facade. Enabling natural light to flood into the store.
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Thierry Hermès founded Hermès, a world-famous luxury brand, in Paris, France in 1837. It began making high-quality harnesses in its early years. It has a history of over 170 years.

Hermes in Beijing
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Bags, silk scarves and ties, men's and women's clothing, and live art are available at Paris Head Store, which is located near the Élysée Palace. I must mention the beautiful window design created by female designer Leila Menchari for Hermès, the exotic palaces, the undersea world, the fairy tale forest, and the circus with lots of fun, which are all scenes presented by the window.


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CHANEL, founded in 1910 in Paris, France, adheres to Ms. Chanel's creative and forward-thinking ideas and becomes the bellwether of modern female aesthetics. Clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, skin care products, perfumes, and other items are available from the brand. Each category, particularly perfume and fashion, is well-known.

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With fewer customers and an excellent staff, the Chanel Store in Place Vendôme, which opened in 1997, sells watches and high-quality jewelry. The window display of gold and glittering jewelry at Place Vendôme is a well-known high-end jewelry center.

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3. Dior

A black and white logo of Dior
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Dior is a world-famous fashion consumer brand that was founded in 1946 in Paris. Dior has been synonymous with magnificence and elegance for more than a half-century. Dior has always been at the forefront of fashion, whether it's through fashion, cosmetics, makeup, or other products.

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Dior Makeup Products, A company with a rich heritage and with a long-standing luxury retail reputation. Developed by the mastermind Peter Philip considered a genius among his peers in the industry.
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The store is located in Place Vendôme, a well-known high-end jewelry center; the store primarily sells Dior jewelry and displays jewelry designed by Dior founder, Victoire de Castellane.

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