11 Things to Note When Traveling to Europe

11 things to note when traveling to Europe.

11 Things to Note When Traveling to Europe
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Before you leave, you might all kinds of romantic imagination about Europe...

Peñiscola, Spain, 2020.
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However, after you arrive in Europe and live there for a period of time, you will find that living here is a bit different from what you had imagined. Of course, Europe has its lovely places, but at the same time, there are some aspects that are very different from our way of life or habits, so it is hard to adapt to them at once.

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The following will share the daily life in Europe from accommodation, food, walking and leisure, so that you can understand and adapt to the European culture.


1. Indoor Heating in Winter

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Winter in Europe is really cold, so most hotels and hostels are equipped with heaters, some even have floor heaters, which is very thoughtful. However, you should be careful to take out the food that will melt in the suitcase when it gets hot, otherwise your suitcase and food are likely to be scrapped.

A cozy wood stove (IG: @clay.banks)
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I didn't know that the floor in the hotel was heated, and that night I had chocolates in my suitcase and laid it flat on the floor. The next day, the whole row of chocolates melted, which was a painful lesson.

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Therefore, when you go to Europe in winter, you should pay attention to the location of indoor heating equipment and move things that are easy to melt away from the heated area or put them directly into the refrigerator.

2. The shower room is a bit narrow

Shower in the middle of nowhere
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The showers in some European accommodations are small, especially in countries with higher prices.

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The narrow space can barely accommodate one person, and even turning around is not an option, plus you will bump into the surroundings if you don't move.

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If you want to take a more comfortable bath, remember to look at the photos of the restrooms and guest reviews when booking your stay.

3. Accommodation does not always have a lift

Step up
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Usually when you go to Europe, you will bring a big suitcase to put your clothes for a week or longer trips. If you choose a small hotel or hostel, it is very likely that there is only a staircase.

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If the hotel you stayed at only had wooden stairs, most likely you will need to pull your suitcase through, and it would make a squeaking sound. It’s so loud you might even worry that the stairs would collapse while you were trying to carry your luggage upstairs.

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The whole trip to Europe was to repeatedly move your luggage up and down the stairs, and you will become very strong afterwards.

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