How to Survive Airport Security?

Airport Security Checkpoint Strategy. Just clear this one and you're good to go!

How to Survive Airport Security?
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Do you always feel uneasy when going through security checkpoints at airports before your flight departs? Here are some Airport Security Checkpoint strategies. Just clear these and you're good to go!

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When you walk through the security gate, or when your baggage goes through the metal detector, and the alarm goes "beep, beep, beep, beep! When the alarm goes off, you wonder what you have caught!

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However, security checkpoints are not scary as long as you check your baggage carefully. Let's check what you should pay attention to at security checkpoints so that you can pass through with impunity.

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This article introduces the case of domestic flights.

How long before I have to pass through?

Each airline has its own cutoff time for passing through security checkpoints. Especially in the case of LCCs, boarding gates are often located far from security checkpoints. Please be aware that the deadline is earlier for LCCs because the boarding gates are often farther away from the security checkpoints and it is expected to take more time.

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For JAL, ANA, and Skymark, the deadline is 20 minutes before departure.
Peach and Jetstar: 25 minutes before departure.

This is the "deadline" time. Rushing in at the last minute can cause trouble.
It is better to pass through the security checkpoint with plenty of time to spare, then relax on a bench near the boarding gate and spend the time until departure in a graceful manner.

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Measures to Prevent Transmission of the New Coronavirus

At some airports, body temperature checks are conducted near the entrance to security checkpoints. Since the temperature is taken by thermography, you do not need to wait in line, but if you are stopped by an officer, follow their instructions.

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If you run through the airport just before the deadline, your body temperature will temporarily rise, and you may be stopped and not be able to make it in time... This can cause problems, so please allow plenty of time to get to the security checkpoint.

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Also, you will have more chances to come in contact with things at the security checkpoint as you move your baggage in and out. Hand sanitizer is available at the security checkpoint, so be sure to disinfect your hands in a timely manner.

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Items that must not be worn when passing through the metal detector

The following items may not be worn or carried in your pockets while passing through the gate.

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Put them in your bag or on the tray provided at the security checkpoint before passing through the gate.

  • Electronic devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, earphones, watches, etc.
  • Wallets
  • Metal items such as accessories
  • Other metal items in your pockets (coins, keys, digital cameras, smoking accessories, small items, etc.)
  • Belts with large metal buckles or metal ornaments
  • Boots that cover the heels
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If your cell phone, keys, wallet, etc. are in your bag to be inspected as hand luggage, you do not need to take them out. You do not need to take out the items in your jacket pockets either, as they will be taken off and put through the inspection.
If you prepare them by rummaging around in the inspection area, it will take a long time and the pressure from people behind you may gradually increase.... By putting them in your bag in advance, you can shorten the time it takes to get ready before and after inspection, and prevent forgetting to pick them up after inspection.

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