Planning a Spring Trip with Your Kids? Check Out This Article!

Planning a spring trip with your kids? Check out this article.

Infants and toddlers are an important period of growth and development, so it is very important to reasonably arrange rest time for your baby and combine work and rest to strengthen your baby's resistance.

This image was taken for my client, Nannybird—an LA-based nanny service. I shot at a chic hotel in Hollywood and lucked out with the all-white walls that served as a fabulous bounce card for the floor to ceiling windows that had gorgeous afternoon light streaming in. The child had an absolute blast knocking down all of the pillows on the perfectly-made hotel bed, and I managed to catch him perfectly in the act.  ; )
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Moms and dads should let their babies rest and sleep according to a reasonable rest time, if it is a full day of outdoor play, you can bring the stroller, and let the baby rest in the car nap at lunchtime, the baby's resistance is very helpful.

Prevention of motion sickness

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For babies with motion sickness and seasickness, do not feed fried or high-fat food before taking the bus; try to avoid taking a sealed bus trip.

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If you have to take a long trip by car, put a fresh ginger slice on your baby's belly button (fixed with a Band-Aid) 30 minutes before departure.

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Or take motion sickness medicine as instructed; try to sit in the front seat next to the driver to reduce bumps; prepare a plastic bag, toilet paper, and water for your baby, and let their spit dirt in it.

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When they vomit, rinse their mouth with water to eliminate bad odors and wipe the corners of the mouth.

Dietary issues

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Take meals on time, avoid long intervals between meals, also prevent overeating, and do not eat too many snacks.

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Bring some pre-prepared meals and dry food, including the child's favorite food, and drinks, and allow him to change the way he eats or the amount of food, do not be as strict as at home.

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If you go to a restaurant, it's best to ask for a quick and easy meal because hungry children often don't have the patience to wait too long. Pay attention to food hygiene. In warm weather, avoid eating outside in the wind.

Defecation problems

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You should also consider the disposal of your child's urine and stool in advance, and prepare more dry and wet tissues, garbage bags, diapers, replacement clothes, pants, etc.

Safety first

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Remind your child not to reach out from the car window when riding in a car, and to fasten the seat belt when flying.

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