Into the Realm of Bohemia 💃🏻: Prague

Here is some suggestions to explore, Prague, the historical capital of Bohemia, in different seasons.

Into the Realm of Bohemia 💃🏻: Prague
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Prague, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe, it's situated on the Vltava River. The capital of the Czech Republic is full of beautiful architecture, from Gothic to Renaissance, and has a rich history dating back over a thousand years. You can enjoy its many museums and galleries, as well as its lively nightlife. You will probably have some struggles on the season to travel, but no worries!

Here is some suggestions to explore the historical capital of Bohemia in different seasons.

Spring in Prague
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Things to Do in Prague This Spring:

As the weather gets warmer in the spring, Prague comes to life so thata you can enjoy the city's top attractions without the summer crowds. Take advantage of the good weather to cruise the streets on an e-scooter, enjoy a tour of top eateries, and visit the Bohemian countryside.

Here are some ways to enjoy spring in Prague:

1. Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park

Bohemian Switzerland
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On this day trip to Bohemian Switzerland National Park, you can immerse yourself in the nature of Northern Bohemia. This small-group tour takes you south of Prague to the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, and puts you smack in the middle of Central Europe's most beautiful landscapes. Sail on a gondola-style boat down the river, walk along the Elbe River, and gawk at the views offered by The Bastei rock formation.

2. Vltava River Cruise & Prague Castle

Panorama of Prague’s Old Town
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In the spring of Prague, you can enjoy lunch and a relaxing cruise by Vltava River. Along with the cruise, you'll take a panoramic city tour and a walking tour around the exterior of UNESCO-listed Prague Castle. After having a chilling lunch, you can conyinue the day trip by taking a leisurely sightseeing cruise, passing the Charles Bridge as you enjoy complimentary refreshments.

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Things to Do in Prague This Fall:

Fall is a great time to visit Prague. You'll find fewer crowds and more manageable ticket lines than during the peak summer season. And if you don't mind slightly chilly days, you can balance indoor and outdoor activities, biking when the sun shines and tucking into a hearty meal when the weather turns.

Take a look on the suggestions for fall in Prague:

3. Prague on bike

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With a bike, you'll get to know the various faces of Prague on the ride to the charming Castle District and Old Town, and up onto Letna Park. Absorb the city views from this hilltop park before winding downhill through the pretty baroque streets of the Lesser Town. Bring yourselves some snacks, so that during the exposure to Prague’s history and culture , you can take a break and stop to refuel.

4. Dinner with Mozart

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Experiences concert-dinner in Prague, you can relish the music of Mozart over dinner. Relax into the historical Boccaccio Ballroom with Czech dinner as you hear arias and duets from operas such as 'The Magic Flute' and 'Don Giovanni.' Interludes are performed by two singers and five musicians from Czech opera houses.

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Things to Do in Prague This Winter:

Take advantage of discounted accommodations and world-class Christmas markets, so that's why is another great time to visit Prague. Without the throngs of travelers you’d find in the summer, you can easily book a guided tour, visit the city's top sights, and head to the mountains for some skiing.

Here's how to make the best of winter in Prague:

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