About Us

Coronavirus changed the way we live but never stop our dream of travel. So,

Welcome to Bucktrip!

Bucktrip is dedicated to travelers, whether you’re a wanderer, backpacker or voyager, you will find something you’re interested in here. Destination suggestions, food recommendation, travel advices etc., you can always get some new ideas from us.

Let Bucktrip be your partner of wanderlust.

We all know adventure is the best way to learn, but sometimes we may run out of ideas for where to explore. Bucktrip does have few collections and suggestions for where to go. Plan your trip now, don't only regret the chances you lost when it's end.

We Taste 

I almost die for food, and let me have it!
— William Shakespeare

Life is uncertain, have food first. As we know, eating is a universal ground common of humans, thus, don't mess up with food even you're on your busy bustling journey.

We Hear

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.
Anne Frank

Celebrities can be your idols, gossip sources, and inspiration bringer too! Sometimes they can be your idea bank good feeder, why not just look at how they eat, play and love? You can see what they wore, where they went, and maybe bump into them?

We Stay

When the guest arrives, give him an experience
that's ahead of what he anticipates.
Sol Kerzner

Accommodation is like another home for traveller, you have to rest well and recharge here for coming journey. So promise me, don't simple go easy with where to stay.

We Sense

I love doing normal things …
I also love to go to art and history museums.
Christina Aguilera

House of Muse is where you can find beauty, truth, and sometimes, even meaning of life. Its existence is to remind us of how we came so far, and where are we going to start fresh. Museum is like life, the only way to understand it is to go and look at it.

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