Phuket, Thailand: The Island You Can Escape to This Winter

If winter is too cold for you, consider traveling to another part of the world, "Phuket," Thailand! The island that will make your winter incredible!

Phuket, Thailand: The Island You Can Escape to This Winter
Photo by Mike Swigunski / Unsplash

Why Phuket?

The southwestern island of Phuket, in Thailand, is a popular tourist destination for its white sand beaches, aquamarine water, and limestone cliffs. Surrounded by the Andaman Sea and about an hour by plane from Bangkok, Phuket offers travelers tropical appeal along with affordable prices for everything from accommodations to spa treatments and boat tours.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand
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Although its beaches and tourism operators have bounced back from the 2004 tsunami that hammered its western coast and tragically claimed thousands of lives, Phuket has not forgotten its past—it remembers through its memorials and a better warning system should the area come under threat again.

What to do?

View of the Andaman Sea in Phuket, Thailand. Lounge chairs by the pool.
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With so many things to do and experiences to have in this part of Thailand, many visitors have created an exclusive bucket list to ensure that they cover everything. Here's a list of things you should try as well!


Photo by Elizeu Dias / Unsplash

If you love beaches, Phuket is the place for you. This tropical island in Thailand has many beautiful beaches where you can lie in the sun, stroll hand-in-hand with your sweetheart, watch a spectacular sunset and even enjoy some water sports. Beach hopping is one of the most popular things to do in Phuket.

Boat Tour

Photo by Sumit Chinchane / Unsplash

Phang Nga Bay is a popular destination for boat tours that take you past rock formations standing vertically from the water, letting you witness breathtaking views and amazing surrounding scenery. You can opt for a full-day tour to the fishing village of Koh Panyee, or spend some time at Phi Phi Islands' white-sand beaches. If you have at least one full day at hand, visit Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park—home to mangroves, birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

Tiger Kingdom

Photo by A G / Unsplash

Tiger Kingdom offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with tigers in their natural habitat. These tigers are rescued from the wild and live in a large enclosure where they can run around freely, just as they would in the wild. It is a great day out for the whole family and you will not want to miss out on this opportunity.

Phuket FantaSea Show

Model: Plucie Ogniem
Photographer: Ahmad Yehia
Location: Dubai Marina - Dubai - UAE
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In Thailand, you can’t miss Phuket FantaSea Show. It is a combination of modern technology and state-of-the-art show elements. Thai ethos, such as love, fun, freedom, and courage are represented in various acts including magic illusions, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, stunts, animal performances, and special 4-D shows.

What to eat?

Red Curry
Photo by emy / Unsplash

Phuket has thousands of restaurants, but this island is best known for its delicious street food. In this article, we'll give you some recommendations for some of the city's most authentic dishes.

Dim Sum

Delicious dim sum in Dubai - The Pier 7 towers Marina
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When you visit Phuket, be sure to try dim sum. A popular Chinese fusion dish, dim sum is available in a variety of flavors and styles. While there are many different kinds of dim sum to choose from, the best ones are those that have been folded seven times and have a fluffy texture. When you eat dim sum in Thailand, you can expect it to be smooth and flavorful.

Kanom Jeen Phuket

Enjoy your meal!
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Kanom Jeen, another popular soup in Thailand, is a spicy chicken and mushroom dish added with galangal, tomatoes, and lemongrass. The dish can be made mind-blowing by using beef, chicken, fish, crab, and vegetables.


Some of Indonesia's Comfort Foods. You guys should give it a try.
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