Soaring with the Gigantic Whale 🐋: Central Pacific Coast

Not just stunnig beaches for everyone, Central Pacific Coast covered whales, dolphins and also historical sites.

Soaring with the Gigantic Whale 🐋: Central Pacific Coast
Photo by Todd Cravens / Unsplash

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The central Pacific coast of Mexico is a land of stunning beaches, gigantic aquamarine waves, and giant sunsets.

Silhouette of woman at sunset in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California.
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You can eat sublime seafood under simple palm-frond roofs, drink chilled coconut water while lounging in a hammock, and enjoy poolside cocktails at an upmarket resort.

Washed Up
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The nightlife is great and there's a beach for everyone, whether you prefer yours backed by high-rise hotels or tumbledown cabins.

Photo by Talia Cohen / Unsplash

In the ocean, you can surf world-class breaks and spot humpback whales breaching on the horizon, battalions of mother turtles arriving to lay their eggs, pelicans flying in formation or pods of dolphins rising from the waves.

Once upon a time, we had the pleasure of witnessing the setting free of a legion of baby sea turtles. This cutie wasn’t too much in a hurry and took some time out to strike a pose for me.
Photo by Mitchel Lensink / Unsplash

Don't hesitate, come and start you surfing adventure now.

1. Jardín Botánico de Vallarta

Photo cresit : @vbgardens

In the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, you can see one of Mexico's most extensive orchid collections, as well as a variety of native plants and birds. After strolling through the grounds, you can go down a jungle trail to the tranquil shores of Río Horcones, where you can swim in a boulder-strewn river.

Fading Light
Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

Nature enthusiasts come from far and wide to see the garden’s colorful collection of native orchids. You’ll see Mexican vanilla, cacao trees, and agave tequilana, learn about how chocolate is made and how it played an important role in pre-Hispanic rituals at the same time.

2. Yelapa

Church, Mexico, cross, red, blue, architecture, overlapping
Photo by peyton perdue / Unsplash

Yelapa is a small fishing community with a picturesque beach. It's backed by jungle-shrouded mountains and is best reached by boat. The beach is definitely a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Pescao, tostón y papelón
Photo by lalo Hernandez / Unsplash

There are plenty of places to eat in Yelapa, from seafood restaurants to taco joints and cafes. You can try local specialties like fish tacos, birria, and pescado zarandeado. And don't forget to try a michelada cubana! After your meal, look for one of Yelapa's "pie ladies," who walk around the beach carrying delicious coconut, banana, and lime pies.

3. Playa La Boquita

This is the wonderful view I had from the balcony of the flat I stayed i when I was in Tropea.
Photo by Niklas Ohlrogge / Unsplash

At Playa La Boquita, you can spend the day swimming in calm waters, lounging on the beach, and snorkeling around a shipwreck. There are also plenty of seafood restaurants to enjoy on another beach nearby Yelapa.

4. Volcán Ceboruco

Photo cresit : De Christian Frausto Bernal from Tepic, Nayarit, MEXICO , CC BY-SA 2.0

This active volcano consisting of two calderas and three cinder cones. You're allowed to hike around this active volcano, which last erupted in 1870. The road to the volcano passes lava fields, fumaroles, and lush vegetation. It begins in the village of Jala, which is 7km off the highway from Tepic to Guadalajara.

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