How to Get Your First Chase Credit Card

How to Get Your First Chase Credit Card
Source: Chase

Chase credit card. You heard that brand everywhere, everyone has been using it, and it's of course not without any reasons. Chase credit card has a lot of offerings. Its points are more valuable, not to mention its additional value on travel plans and hotels. It can be said that Chase is the strongest player in the industry right now. Many people even prefer it to American Express.

Source: Chase

If you are looking to make your first ever Chase credit card yourself, then you have come to the right place. They said the first one is always the hardest, but look no further, let us show you the best way to ensure the approval of your very first Chase credit card application.

What you should pay attention to

There are some main factors you should pay attention to before applying for a Chase credit card:

1. Credit Score

This is the most fundamental factor you should pay attention to. Most say you need to have at least 680 credit scores to get through and the higher your credit, the better your chance.

One thing to note though is that sometimes Chase opens the gate wider depending on the quarter or amount of people applying for the cards at that time of the year. So you still do have a chance to get a credit card even with a lower credit score, just at the right moment.

The most guaranteed way for you to have a good credit score is to never carry a credit card interest/debt. If you have not applied for any credit cards before, now would be the right moment, which brings us to the second point.

2. The longer the credit card history the better

If you have not used any credit card before and decide to apply for Chase directly, chances are, you'll be rejected for your application unless lady luck is by your side at the time.

To start off in the credit card game, you may want to apply for a beginner card, and here's a credit card you can consider, Discover card. It has a lot of benefits and high-value referral programs. And once you are in 3-9 months with the card, while also keeping a good credit score. Note that your credit score will be updated at the end of the billing month when the payment is being reported by the bureau. With this, the chance for you to get your Chase would skyrocket.

Source: Discover

3. Be aware of the 524 rule

Chase has a rule, where you can't apply for their cards once you have applied for other five credit cards in the last 24 months, hence the name of the rule. There are some grey areas in the rule though. You can check them out in the link in our other article below.

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Increasing your chances

Now that you have everything well-prepared, here's what you can do to further improve your chance of getting Chase.

1. Piggybacking

Literally. You just ask your family member that has a high credit score, say 850, to add you as an authorized user to their account. Once they put your social security number into their card, the benefit will be given to you. You will naturally also have a high credit score.

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2. Starting a relationship with Chase

You can also open a checking account with them for free despite not having any credit cards with them yet. While you are on it, you can also look for more promotions on their checking account and start from there, just let them know you are there.

So now you are very well-prepared. You have kept a good credit score by paying off on time and doing all of the other tips above, but still got rejected of your application somehow. Don't worry! You can call the reconsideration line below. Tell them why they should grant you the card,  how you have a good credit score, have a relationship with their other products, and how you prefer them over Amex.

Reconsideration line: 1-800-453-9179

And that's it! Hope the above tips can help you on your first step into the wonderful world of Chase credit cards. You can see the following link for more tips regarding Chase.

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